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About us

Our Company is on the market and is working with Bulgarian and foreign customers since 1995. It is authorized by the Directorate „Consular Relations” at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for translation and legalization of documents and papers of any type on the basis of an updated contract with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs No. 290/95-00-150/2001 dated 25.01.2002.

We have 2 offices in Sofia. During the 1995-2009 period, we have executed an extremely large amount of orders for written and verbal translations, as well as the respective certification of documents. We perform verbal and written translations in various fields and of varying complexity within the required by you terms. We undertake to execute certification in all state authorities and embassies of foreign countries, in order to provide for the validity of the documents throughout the world. The customers, who wish to execute themselves the certifications at the various institutions, are provided with free-of-charge consultations at the offices of the Company.

We offer special terms and conditions, as well as various discounts to our regular customers, whose work is related to processing of documents, to partners from outside the capital, as well as to students.

Quality of the services in our company is guaranteed by ISO 9001:2008 certification (N:231274)

Our translators

The company engages more than 150 qualified specialists, most of them professional translators, self-employed linguists and editors, specialized in various types of translations, depending on the specifics of the individual industries and fields of activities. They perform technically precise and complying with the market requirements translations. Our translators have long-term experience and professional training, as well as sensitivity with reference to the various cultural nuances. Various types of documents and texts of all sorts and kind are processed by our Company. All the translators have signed sworn statements as to the authenticity of the translations and the confidentiality of the information, submitted to them for translation, which is not an obstacle for the same to be guaranteed to you by their signature upon your request, as well.

We can deliver the translations in various formats, including formats compatible with most applications of the basic operational systems.

We are specialized in the translation of projects with a large volume, in brief terms, from various languages to Bulgarian and vice versa. Each translation is read a second time and checked by a second translator, as well as providing consultancies with specialists in case of such necessity (in case the term is not too brief, as a matter of course). The maximum possible precision of the translations is our main aim. The constant control over the process of translation and the established control and management system for the translations are the prerequisites allowing us to offer high-quality translations and to comply with the requirements of our customers.

We pay special attention to each and every translation. Each customer is provided with comprehensive information on the ordered by him services with guaranteed confidentiality. Our prices are reasonable and optimally affordable.

Our employees:

They monitor the execution of the orders and its handing-over to the customers. They take your orders and provide the coordination among the various performers of the services.

Our customers:

Our customer list includes more than 500 corporations, translation companies from various countries, legal advising companies, international companies and holdings, government and non-government organizations, etc. They have all chosen to use our services due to their high quality, low prices and brief execution terms.


Using all contemporary means of communications, we are accessible practically 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

You can make inquiries or texts for translation via our on-line form, by fax, e-mail or via Yahoo Messenger and Skype, as well as by visiting one of our offices.