General terms


The applications for translations can be submitted in writing via e-mail, fax or in person at the Jezabel offices at 26, Al. Stamboliyski Boulevard or at 21, Hristo Botev Boulevard. The following information must be specified in the application: language, into which you wish to have the translation; contractual price; terminological field of the text to be translated; term for execution; method of submission of the order and the format of the output material; purpose of the translation, requirements with reference to the terminology and eventual provision of reference auxiliary materials / person for consultations on behalf of the customer (compulsory condition in case of verbal translations); spelling of the names and company denominations; meaning of abbreviations in the text; selected category of the translation.


Receipt of orders

In case of execution of the order by means of e-mail, Jezabel informs the customer of the execution of the order, while the customer confirms in writing the receipt of the executed order. The orders, submitted at the Jezabel offices, are received on the specified date against submission of the application, issued by Jezabel to the customer. The submission of the application comprises a guarantee for the avoiding of mistakes in the handing-over of the executed order. Upon receipt of the executed order containing legalization, the customer should check the legalized documents. Any remarks can be accepted, if submitted on the spot at the time of receipt of the executed order.

Calculation of the price

The prices for the written translations are calculated according to the pricelist on the basis of a translated page, containing 1800 characters, including spaces. The number of pages of the initial material is not taken into consideration in the calculation of the price.


We fully appreciate the unfavorable consequences of a delivered with a delay document or translation. Upon acceptance of a final term, we will attempt everything possible to comply with the same. In case of occurrence of any unforeseen circumstances, we will contact you in due time to discuss the best possible alternative.


Claims are accepted in case of a presented written order, containing the quoted above information. Claims are to be submitted in writing, specifying and describing the mistakes. In case of acceptance of the claim, an additional editing of the text by a consultant is performed at the expense of Jezabel. In case the customer does not accept the edited text, the validity of the claim is assessed by an independent expert. In such cases, a discount in the price is provided in compliance with the assessment of the independent expert. Claims are accepted within not more than 7 days as of the receipt of the executed order. Any claims on orders, containing legalization, are to be submitted at the time of receipt of the order.