The Company is specialized in the translation to and from 35 languages in the following fields:

  • Administration and law – legal document (contracts, corporate documents, court rulings, registration of documents from the investigation authorities and the public prosecution office, legislative decrees and resolutions of the Council of Ministers, state institutions, etc.);

  • Real-estate properties (title deeds, assessments, sales, transfer and management contracts, etc.)

  • Medicine (diagnoses, protocols, resolutions of Medical Committees, medical certificates and other documents for treatment abroad, etc.)

  • Economics and finances;

  • Research and development activities, telecommunications, power supply, environmental protection and transport;

  • Social field and education;

  • Statistics, information and innovations;

  • Software – translation of websites and computer publications, software localization.

  • Any and all types of personal documents for traveling, education, immigration and work abroad (certificates of birth, conviction status certificates, marriage certificates, marital and property status certificates, diplomas for completed secondary and tertiary education, personal correspondence, etc.)

  • Provision of translators for verbal translations during business negotiations, press conferences, execution of transactions before public notaries, telephone conversations, etc.

The Company performs certification of documents at all state agencies, authorities and institutions:

  • Certification of documents by public notaries;

  • Certification by all the ministries and institutions – Ministry of Healthcare, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Education and Science, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Transport of the Republic of Bulgaria, National Social Security Institute, National Institute of Statistics, Agency for Employment, Bulgarian National Bank, Bulgarian Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Directorate of Veterinary Sanitary Control, Directorate of the Police at the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Patent Authority, the Holy Synod, etc.;

  • Legalization of document from and for Bulgaria and abroad at the Consulate Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs;

  • Certification by embassies of foreign countries in Sofia.

We guarantee the quality of our services, because:

In you, we see people, who are often occupied by having to resolve many problems at once. We believe that, once you have come to us, you will have one less problem to resolve.

Your participation is exceptionally important. We take detailed notes on your requirements and instructions, if any, at the time of taking your order, and we remain at your disposal for any amendments and modifications of the same during the execution of the order. We communicate with you in case we find any discrepancies or suspicions of mistakes in the original text.

The process is strictly organized. The order is given for execution to a translator, selected in accordance with the specifics of the text. Upon receipt of the translation, we check the factual data and edit the translation. The information, submitted to us, will never be disclosed to any third party. Our translators have all signed sworn statements to that effect. Each order is kept in the file of the respective customer for 2 years.

Written translations

in 35 languages in all fields

Written translations comprise the basic part of our works. The finding of the suitable translator is only a small part of the organization of each order’s execution. The clarification of the purpose for the translation and the respective requirements on the text, the taking into consideration of the text specifics, the compilation of the team of translators and editors, the checking of the correspondence of the factual data in the translation and in the original, the style editing of the translation – all of the above comprise the comprehensive steps in the execution of a well performed quality translation. In order to provide for an even more precise translation, we offer additional terminology editing, as well as adapting of the text by an editor of the respective mother tongue.

On the basis of the above steps, we offer several categories of translations, namely:

  • Official translation – including a translation by an authorized translator + check of the factual data;

  • Translation with style editing – including official translation + additional style and language editing;

  • Specialized translation – including official translation with style editing + terminology editing by a consultant;

  • Adapted translation – including an adaptation of the translation by an editor of the respective mother tongue.

verbal translations


Simultaneous translation comprises translation simultaneously with the speech of the speaker. This requires the respective equipment – cabins, microphones, earphones. The high stress and responsibility, resulting from the indirect contact between the speaker and the translator, require this type of translation to be performed by a team of two translators. The price is quoted per day for the team.


The consecutive translation means the translator translates the said by the speaker, while the latter waits. This does not require special equipment. The price is quoted per hour for one or two translators, depending on the nature of the meeting.


The accompaniment does not comprise precisely translation, but rather assistance in the execution of contacts, shopping, traveling, accommodation of foreigners or any other situations, which require knowledge of the environment and of the language. The price is quoted per hour for one translator.


  • In addition to translations, our comprehensive services include any and all required certifications and/or legalizations by apostil of your documents.

    The legalization is performed by the Consular Department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In order to legalize a document, it must:

  • Bear the required stamps and certifications.

  • Have been translated by an agency, authorized by the Ministry.

Our services include:

  • The translation of the document on our letterhead as an authorized agency, signed by the sworn translator and bearing our stamp.

  • We submit your document for its legal and administrative processing to the respective institution (e.g. certification of the original document by the respective ministry, according to the requirements of the Consular Department);

  • Payment in cash or by bank transfer of the required state taxes;

  • Binding of the translation with the certified document. Certification of the thus bound set by the Consular Department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

  • Delivery of the document back to our offices or to the indicated by you address, if you are unable to take delivery of the same from our offices.

Upon the certification by the Consular Department, the document becomes valid for presentation to the authorities of the respective country.

The terms for performance of the above services take into consideration the terms, required by the respective certification authorities.

The prices take into account the due taxes and state tax stamps required by the certification institutions.